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Billion Dollar Impact Club

A girl in Honduras has the potential to earn up to $500,000 more in her lifetime if she stays

in school and gets an education!


Make An Impact

Every year, our goal is to have at least 20 members commit to donating $1,000 / year.

When you become a member of the Billion Dollar Impact Club, your donation alone will sponsor 100 girls in a community to receive the necessary hygiene items they need to stay in school and earn an education.  By being part of this elite club, you have the rare opportunity to allow these 100 girls to dream and have goals.  Most importantly, the 100 girls you commit to sponsor will know they are loved by someone who is willing to invest in their futures!  

$1,000 Donation / Year = 100 girls sponsored = $50 Million Impact in one community.

For every $1 you invest, it has the potential of a $50,000 impact for that girl's future.


Billion Dollar Impact

20 people commited to donating $1,000 / year = $1 Billion Dollar Impact 

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