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  • What does the $97 cover for the Pad Cutting Party Kit?
    The $97 is a one-time donation to Pink Box Purpose to receive the kit and the items needed to host a party. We use that money to pay the women at our Hygiene Headquarters who will be sewing the pads.
  • Will I need a party pack to host a party?
    Yes. All of the information you need, along with the patterns is in the party pack.
  • Can I have the patterns for free?
    No. We use the $97 to pay the women who sew the pads in Honduras. If we give the pads for free, we are stealing from our sisters in Honduras. Without the donation or sponsorships for our sisters, we are unable to employ the women, and they are a huge part of what makes Pink Box Purpose so special.
  • Can I download the patterns?
    No. Please see the answer about why we do not give our patterns for free.
  • What type of fabric is needed?
    100% Cotton and 100% Cotton Flannel.
  • Any certain prints for fabric?
    The fabric is used to sew reuseable pads that females in Honduras will be using. This may be the first gift any of these women have ever received and we want them to feel special and loved when they receive it. Bright colors, beautiful designs, and material that covers up period stains is requested. Please offer your very best. *No used fabric of used sheets will be accepted.
  • Does the fabric need to be pre-washed or pre-shrunk?
    No, you do not need to pre-shrink the fabric. All pads that are used in Honduras are hand-washed with cold water and then dried in the sun after use since they do not have access to washers and dryers, so we never have any problems with the fabric shrinking after being used and washed
  • How much material do we need to cut?
    For quantity, you don’t need to worry about matching everything up. You can separate the patterns / cloth if you would like but you do not need to worry about making sure there are the same amount of items for each one, because other groups do not always do that, so in God’s math, it ends up all working out when the material is shipped to Honduras and if your group is a couple of cotton pieces short, they will add it with another groups material that had extra- or Vice versa. Our sisters in Honduras also have extra material there if they need it. So feel free to cut out as many pieces as your fabric allows and you can ship it to us and then we will make sure it all gets taken to our Hygiene Headquarters in Honduras to sew. If you want to match everything though: 1 Cotton A + 1 Flannel A + 2 cotton B = 1 pad 2 flannel pattern C = 1 liner
  • Do all the pieces need to be pinned together?
    No. Please separate the different pieces into piles and you can send them that way. When the material arrives in Honduras, our sisters at our Hygiene Headquarters will match everything up.
  • My template B is the shape of a house but I have also seen Pattern B in the shape of a diamond. Which pattern do I use?
    The one you have (shaped as a house) is the correct pattern. We have recently changed our patterns, and our new party packs all come with the correct pattern B (shaped like a house). If you have the old pattern B (diamond shape), you can still use that one, and the women at our Hygiene Headquarters will make the adjustment to sew it.
  • What are pattern A, B, and C used for?
    Pattern A is used for the body of the pad itself. 1 side is 100% cotton and the other side is 100% cotton flannel. Pattern B is used for the wings. The old pattern B is shaped like a diamond and the new pattern B is shaped like a house. Either pattern will be find to use. The women at our Hygiene Headquarters are aware and will make the proper adjustments when sewing. Pattern C is a 6x9 rectangle and flannel is used for pattern C. This is what we use to create the liners.
  • Where do I send the cut out material?
    Pink Box Purpose, Inc. W9262 Patnode LN Arkansaw, WI 54721 * We do not have the resources to pick-up cut out material. Thank you.
  • Do I need to know how to sew?
    No. That's the beauty of this! You do not need to know how to sew to host a party! All of the material you cut out will actually be sent to our Hygiene Headquarters where women in country will be given jobs to sew the pads you cut out and then distribute to girls and women in their neighboring communities.
  • How many parties can I host with my party pack?
    You can use your party pack again and again to host as many parties as you would like!
  • How much material do I need to host a party?
    1 yard of 100% Cotton Flannel and 2 yards of 100% Cotton will cutout 25 pads. It is up to you and your party guests to determine how many pads you would like to cut out. There are no requirements.
  • How big does my party need to be?
    Your party can be as big as 100 people, a service project, a gathering at church, OR it can be as small as just you and another friend!
  • Are you affiliated with a specific church denomination?
    We are not affiliated with a specific denomination. We are a Christian nonprofit, in the sense that we teach females about Jesus, and that he came into this world and died for each one of us and our sins. We are led by God and we believe people from all different experiences and backgrounds have gifts that God has given them to serve those in need. We have had many different church denominations, such as Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Evangelical, Protestant, etc. host Pad Cutting Parties as well as join us on mission trips. We do not promote one denomination over another. We hope instead that we are able to bring people from all different faith backgrounds, church backgrounds and walks of life together for one common goal- to help females in Honduras know about the love of Jesus, understand how God created their bodies, and to overcome any shame they have been made to feel due to being a female or being sexually abused.
  • What do you teach?
    In developing countries, such as Honduras, there is a lot of shame associated with being a female and having your period, so we teach females about their menstrual cycle, how it correlates to getting pregnant, how God created us in that special way, but when we are not ready to be mothers or have children we have our period each month. We show them the complete menstrual cycle in regards to natural family planning and we do not ever discuss birth control. Birth control would also be an added expense that females in poverty would not have access to since they struggle to even afford pads each month. We believe in simply educating females about how God created their bodies to work, what ovulation is, and why they have their menstrual cycles. We also teach females how to recognize sexual abuse and that if someone is inappropriately touching them or abusing them they need to report it because no one is ever allowed to use them for sex. If you have more questions about what we teach, we would love to invite you on a mission trip with us to experience first hand what Pink Box Purpose is all about.
  • What comes in a Hygiene Bag?
    Each Hygiene Bag comes with 2 reuseable pads and 4 reuseable liners. They also come with 2 pairs of new underwear, a washcloth, soap, two zip lock bags (one for dirty pads and one for clean), all in a beautiful drawstring bag that females can use to take their items to school in, or use to take their pads to work.
  • Why Honduras?
    Because that's where God led us.
  • Do you have plans to serve in other countries?
    Right now, God has led us to Honduras. Until every female in Honduras knows about the love of Jesus and has hygiene bags to manage their menstrual cycles, our work is not done there. If God leads us to another location, that will be done on his time.
  • I am going on a mission trip; can I take your hygiene bags with me?
    At this time, we do not have the resources in place to be able to fulfill that request.
  • Why join us on a mission trip?
    We believe there is true healing and learning from females who come together to help each other. Two worlds and cultures colliding in love. It’s hard to truly learn from someone, feel connected to their story, show them love and the love of Jesus Christ if you never meet them face to face or embrace them in your arms. We want it to be about more than just hygiene. We want it to be true connections between females. Pink Box Purpose exists to bring females together through God’s word, and to learn from each other that we are beautifully created by him. We want you to build a friendship with our in-country staff, and learn about Jesus through their experiences. We want you to be able to shut off the busy distractions of life, and join us on a journey to truly discover the love Jesus has for you, and how he wants you to teach other females about that love. We pray you also form a special bond and friendship with the other females on your team as you experience this journey together. A week spent at our in-country Hygiene Headquarters will be unlike any other week you have ever experienced in your life. We want you to leave feeling your life was changed for the better and have a bigger picture of what God’s purpose is for your life. It was connecting with females on our mission trips that changed our lives, and we look forward to you having that same experience.
  • What are upcoming Mission Trip dates?
    We would love to have you join us on a mission trip! Check out upcoming trip dates here:
  • Who do I contact if I have a group who wants to go on a mission trip?
    We are so excited you have a group that would like to join us at our Hygiene Headquarters in Honduras! Please email us at with more details / dates that you would like to go!
  • Where do I find out more information about your mission trips?
    Click the link provided, which will take you to possible mission trip dates, where you can see the itinerary, cost and other important information!
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