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When People
Help People, 
Change Happens.

Since 2017, Pink Box Purpose has distributed over 10,000 reusable menstrual pads to women and girls in Honduras. We have also provided menstrual hygiene education and shared the Gospel with thousands.  

You can help


66% of Hondurans

live in poverty.

Women and girls can't afford menstrual products,

so they miss days of

work and school.

1 in every 3 girls
in Honduras
drops out of school
each year.

16.8% of girls in Honduras can't read or write.

26% of girls are mothers before
18 years old
in Honduras.

teen mom3.jpg

This is why
Pink Box Purpose
was created.

Together we can
empower the lives of women and girls in poverty and teach them about the love of Jesus.

There are many ways
to become involved with
Pink Box Purpose!

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