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Why Join Us At Our Hygiene Headquarters?

Some might ask, wouldn’t it be more effective to just give money and let our local Hygiene Headquarters provide the hygiene to women in their area? Maybe. But we believe there is true healing and learning from women who come together to help each other. Two worlds and cultures colliding in love. It’s hard to truly learn from someone, feel connected to their story, show them love and the love of Jesus Christ if you never meet them face to face or embrace them in your arms.

We want it to be about more than just hygiene. We want it to be true connections between women.


Pink Box Purpose exists to bring women together through hygiene solutions and God’s word, and learn from each other that we are beautifully created by him. We want you to build a friendship with our in-country staff, and learn about Jesus through their experiences. We want you to be able to shut off the busy distractions of life, and join us on a journey to truly discover the love Jesus has for you, and how he wants you to teach other women about that love. We want you to form a special bond and friendship with the women on your team as you experience this journey together. A week spent at our in-country Hygiene Headquarters will be unlike any other week you have ever experienced in your life. We want you to leave feeling your life was changed for the better and have a bigger picture of what God’s purpose is for your life. It was connecting with women on our mission trips that changed our lives, and we look forward to you having that same experience.


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An Opportunity of a Lifetime!

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