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The Power of Prayer

Updated: May 19, 2023

The power or prayer. We continue to process our week in Honduras, because there are so many powerful God moments where he completely stopped us in our tracks and he broke our hearts all over again.

This beautiful woman we discovered was suffering from a miscarriage. Heather and I crawled into her bed and held her as she sobbed. I thought I had put the pain of my years of infertility away. Shoved them in a box so they couldn’t hurt me anymore. But when I was asked to pray for this sobbing mother who had just lost her baby, those feelings stirred up inside of me as I began to pray for her. Anyone who has gone through infertility or has lost a child due to miscarriage knows that the heartbreak never fully leaves you.

As women we prayed together, worshiped together, sang together and cried together. We connected in a way only God could bring us together. We connected as women who truly supported and loved each other. We were real and raw in that moment.

My dear friends- I don’t know what kind of troubles or sadness you have today. I don’t know if you have gone through infertility or have other heartache on your soul that needs healing. But I know the power of prayer works. I’ve seen it firsthand. I pray you have someone who is there to pray for you. And if you don’t, please send me a message and I would be happy to pray with you and for you. We need each other. Brothers and sisters through Christ.

Sending love out into this world — Jenni Patnode

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