Meet Our Team


Heather Wittig

Co-Founder & CEO

Heather is Co-Founder of Pink Box Purpose. She first met Alba in 2017 on a mission trip to Honduras which was the beginning of our nonprofit.  She is passionate about following God's lead on whatever adventure he leads her on, even if it may

seem a little crazy at times.

She is a single mom of two boys

and has a pup named Penny who loves snuggles and attention.

In her free time she enjoys coming

up with new business ideas

and collecting buttons. 

Did we mention her impecable

sense of humor as well?


Jenni Patnode

Co-Founder & CDO

Jenni is Co-Founder of Pink Box Purpose, Inc.  Empowering women and helping women know the love of Jesus is something very near and dear to her heart.  Honduras has become her second home and she loves being able to interact with the people there and hear their stories.

In her free-time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and Pitbull Gracie.

She also enoys writing and traveling.



In-Country Affiliate

Bruce is incredible!  He keeps us safe in country, as well as helps promote and grow Pink Box Pupose in Honduras!  He is like a brother to us and we are blessed to have him as part of the Pink Box Purpose team!


Bruce laughs at Heather's jokes (which is an added plus) and his dream is to be a pilot someday!  

Juanita & Nelmy

In-Country Liaisons

Juanita and Nelmy have truly been a God-send to us!  They have been working with Pink Box Purpose

since 2017 and they help bridge the communication between us and our sisters at our Hygiene Headquarters.

They have a passion for women's health and well-being in their 

country and are true role models

to girls and women in Honduras.

In their free time they enjoy getting 

together with family and friends.



Honduras Country Director

The dream of helping women and girls with hygiene and knowing the love of Christ, was placed on Alba's heart when she first met Heather in Honduras in 2017.  From her perserverance, our Hygiene Headquarters was formed.

Alba loves all things about Pink Box Purpose, but she said her favorite part is being able to decorate the building that serves as our Hygiene Headquarters and be a leader to help everyone

work together as a team.  

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband, granddaughter and family... and sewing.



Pad Creator- Disciple Maker

Edith is Alba's daughter-in-law and has been a part of Pink Box Purpose

since the beginning.  It has been a blessing to us, to be able to watch her grow into the incredible leader she is. What she loves most about Pink Box Purpose is going to proverty-stricken communities and being able to help the people there.

She enjoys serving others and has a huge heart for everyone she meets.


In her free time she loves being with her husband and daughter.

She also likes to cook and sew.



Pad Creator- Disciple Maker

Suyupa was a very quick learner when it came to sewing pads.  She is also very good at using the serger and says she loves to work with

the women at our Hygiene Headquarters.  She values her church and her family, and is an incredible mother to her son. 

In her free time she enjoys cooking, sewing and learning new makeup techniques.  She also enjoys being with her husband and son.



Pad Creator- Disciple Maker

Natalia is new to Pink Box Purpose and says she has loved learning how to sew and working with others.

She is a single mom, and put herself through school to have a degree in accounting.  She loves spending time with her daughter, cooking and sewing.  She also believes that everyone deserves to be treated equal, whether they are poor or rich, and she is happy to be able to love others and share with them.



Pad Creator- Disciple Maker

Vania has been with Pink Box Purpose from the very beginning.  The things she loves most about Pink Box Purpose, is that it is

God-led and that she is able to serve others in her country. 

She is also a very compassionate person.  Through life she has learned to never give up no matter what trial may come her way.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and son

and volunteering.



Pad Creator- Disciple Maker

Carmen came to Pink Box Purpose when she was sixteen looking for work.  We made a deal with her that if we paid her tuition to go to school, and she attended, we would be happy to have her work after school.   She has been a blessing to Pink Box Purpose, and we love how the other women have welcomed her.

This past year she gave birth to a son and loves being a mom.  

She also said she loves everything about herself because God

created her in his image.



Pad Creator- Disciple Maker

Carol is a teacher and also works

at our Hygiene Headquarters.

Her favorite things about Pink Box Purpose are being able to sew and finish the pads.  She is a loving, honest, and sentimental person.

In her free time she enjoys

singing and decorating.

She said the biggest challenge she has overcome is putting herself through school to become a teacher.



Pad Creator- Disciple Maker

Mercedes is also new to Pink Box Purpose and she enjoys being able to serve others through this ministry.

She said the hardest thing she has learned how to overcome in life is being a single mom and providing.

She values her son most in life.

In her free time, Mercedes enjoys

singing and serving others. She is also a teacher, but she said if she could be anything, she would

want to be a missionary.



Pad Creator- Disciple Maker

Lupe said she enjoys everything about Pink Box Purpose and is happy to be able to come sew with the women and serve others.


She values her health and

being a Christian.

The hardest challenge she has overcome in life, is being a single mom and raising her three children completely by herself.

She said she also loves being

able to volunteer at her church.



Pad Creator- Disciple Maker

Ercila's favorite thing to do at Pink Box Purpose is putting all of the buttons on the pads to finish them.

She is loving and sincere and

values her faith in God.

She is a single mother to her son.

She has also loved learning how to sew at Pink Box Purpose, and even though it was challenging to learn at first she really enjoys doing it

in her freetime as well.



Pad Creator- Disciple Maker

Nadia loves sewing at Pink Box Purpose and enjoys working with the other women.  She feels it is important to be at peace with everyone, especially God.  She is a single mother of seven children, and also has four grandchildren.

Nadia is an incredible cook! 

She saved her earnings from 

Pink Box Purpose to start her own business selling baliadas

(an incredible Honduran dish).



Pad Creator- Disciple Maker

Sulema's favorite thing about 

Pink Box Purpose is having the opportunity to serve others in her country.  She also loves seeing all of the beautiful fabrics and said she dreams of them at night.


Sulema is a single mom of four children, and she values her children most in life.  Her goal is to be able to save money and own 

her own home someday.