While you read this, more than 80 million girls in developing countries are trapped in poverty because they miss school when they have their periods. 


Mission work has been a huge part of Heather Wittig’s and Jenni Patnode’s lives.  When these two sisters read the statistics about how the lives of women and girls in developing countries are affected by their periods, they knew they needed to do something about that.  Heather and Jenni, with the help of their friend Deb, designed a reusable pad for women and girls to use in developing countries. 

In June of 2017, they traveled to Honduras with 3 friends, where they taught a group of women how to sew the pads, and their first Hygiene Headquarters was formed.  The women at their Hygiene Headquarters in Honduras are paid to sew the pads and continuously tell Heather and Jenni that they are thankful to have a purpose and help the women in their own country. 

Pink Box Purpose, Inc. was formed into a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit in August of 2017, and since then, more then 2,000 reusable pads (1,000 hygiene bags) have been distributed to women and girls in developing countries to use when they have their periods. 

Many women around the U.S. have also helped provide the reusable pads for women and girls by hosting Pad Cutting Parties, or even traveling to Honduras with Heather and Jenni on mission trips!