Healthcare in Honduras

Nine out of ten people are not covered by health insurance.


18% of Hondurans cannot access hospitals or clinics.

Medical costs must be paid for upfront before care is given.

If you don't have money, you don't get treated.

Pink Box Purpose has been working in local communities to help provide access to needed medications and treatments.

With your help, we will be able to offer more!


Covid in Honduras

With limited healthcare options, people living closely

together in communities, and limited access to masks, many Hondurans have worried about Covid in their homes.

Since mask mandates and government curfews are enforced in Honduras, our sisters at Hygiene Headquarters also started sewing masks to distribute to those in need.

*Hondurans do not have access to vaccinations at this time.

Pink Box Purpose has taken extreme caution with our sisters at our Hygiene Headquarters and did not have them working in 2020, (but still continue to pay them each month), to help stop the spread of Covid.  We also have implemented an option for the women to work from home if they do not feel comfortable attending in-person.