Alba is married and lives with her son, daughter-in law Edith, and granddaughter.  She is a teacher at the school in her community.  Alba loves sewing at Pink Box Purpose and taking care of the machines.



Karla is 21 years old and brings so much joy to Pink Box Purpose.  She is married and has a daugher of her own that she supports.  She works hard to save money to one day go to school and become a nurse!



Nadia is a single mom of 7 children.  When we first met her, she was in the process of losing her home.  She dreams to someday open her own business.  She is a hard worker and a fast learner.



Suyupa loves to use the serger!  She just had a baby boy, and she brings him with her to Pink Box Purpose every day.  She loves sewing and serging.



Sulema dreams to be a pastor someday.  She said she is most proud of herself for learning how to use a pair of scissors, and she said after a day of working at Pink Box Purpose, she dreams of all the beautiful fabrics when she sleeps at night.



When we first met Nelly, she was experiencing anxiety and didn't feel like she was good enough to sew.  BUT, she worked hard to learn and is now an expert at the machines!  Her smile lights up a room!  



Edith is Alba's daugher-in law.  She has a 3 year old daugher who comes with her to Pink Box Purpose.  She is also a fast learner.  She said she is so happy that she has found her God given talent to sew at Pink Box Purpose.



When we met Carmen, she was not attending school.  We made sure to talk to her about the importance of finishing school.  She is now enrolled in school again and then comes to sew at our Hygiene Headquarters after school each day.



Ericilla has a huge heart.  She said she has loved to learn how to sew, cut the fabric and put the buttons on the pads.  She also has a 7 year old son!



Vania went to school to be a psychologist.  She has an 11 year old son, and loves the ministry part about Pink Box Purpose.  In her spare time she also volunteers with the Red Cross and is passionate about helping women who are trapped in abuse find the resources they need!

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